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Solar PV Feed-in Tariff Calculator

To use our Solar PV Feed in Tariff Calculator, simply change the values in the left column and click the Calculate button. Some common values have already been selected for you.

Calculator Assumptions

Please note that the Calculator is based on a number of assumptions, outlined below:

  • An average electricity price of 13.95 pence per kWh.
  • The panels face in the optimal direction i.e. South facing.
  • The angle or tilt of the panels is optimal for your location.
  • No shading by trees, buildings, etc. as this reduces performance.
  • Does not include maintenance costs, but they are typically low.
  • Does not account for variations in electricity prices.
  • Does not account for inflation but FITs are index linked.
  • Space required for panels assumes 8m2 per kWp.

If you pay less for your electricity, than the 13.95p per kWh that is assumed, you will not save as much money by using the electricity generated. Conversely, if you pay more than this you will save more.

The calculator also assumes that the roof faces due South and the panels are angled at 30 degrees, which is the position in which they will generate the most electricity. However, providing there is some tilt and the panels face somewhere between South East and South West (through South), you will still achieve a good Return on Investment.

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