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Energy Performance Certificate

Homeowners considering Solar Panels must now ensure that their property meets an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of at least ‘D’ to receive the higher Feed-in Tariff (FIT) rate,
which is currently 15.44p.

For homeowners whose property does not have an EPC rating of at least ‘D’, there are low-cost ways to upgrade. If upgrading the property is not enough for it to meet the minimum EPC requirement, a FIT rate of 7.1p will be paid. Combined with electricity bill savings and the export tariff, a FIT rate of 7.1p will still recover the initial cost of Home Solar Panels well within the 20 year FIT period.

The minimum EPC requirement was implemented for all Home Solar installations completed from 1st April 2012, as part of the Government’s changes to the Solar PV FIT and installation criteria.

How many properties have an EPC rating of ‘D’?

The Department of Energy and Climate Change estimate that 50% of properties will currently meet the minimum EPC rating of at least

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