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After Your Solar Installation

Once your Home Solar Panels are installed, you will be able to claim the Government’s Solar Feed-in Tariff (FIT) and start to see a Return on your Investment.

The following will explain what happens once your Solar Panels are installed and how to claim the Feed-in Tariff from your chosen FIT Provider. View FIT Provider Contact Details.

What happens once my Solar Panels are installed?

Following the installation of your Solar Panels, you will receive a handover pack from your Installer.
The pack will normally contain warranty information, instructions and manuals.

After receiving your handover pack, you will be expected to pay the remainder of the balance to your Installer. In return, you will receive an MCS certificate for your Solar installation.

You will then be able to claim the Feed-in Tariff from your chosen Provider.

How do I claim the Feed-in Tariff?

Your Installer will be able to explain the Feed-in Tariff to you and how to claim the FIT payment for the electricity that your Solar Panels generate.

Generally, once you have chosen your FIT Provider, you will be required to submit the MCS certificate along with the final invoice confirming the balance has been paid.

Your chosen FIT Provider will then be able to set you up to receive and benefit from FIT payments.

How will my FIT Provider know how much to pay?

When your Home Solar Panels are installed, you will usually be expected to take an initial reading from the generation meter and send it to your FIT Provider. You will typically be asked to send further generation meter readings every three months. This will inform your FIT Provider how much energy
you have generated and how much you should be paid.

How often you receive your FIT payments will depend on your Provider; however, you will generally receive a cheque every quarter.

How do I use the energy produced?

Home Solar allows you to power your household appliances for free during daylight hours, thanks to the energy that your Panels generate. These include:

  • Washing machine
  • Tumble dryer
  • Dishwasher
  • Charging batteries
  • Storage/immersion heaters

If you usually use such household appliances at night time, you will not be taking advantage of the energy that your Solar Panels generate. Instead, you will be better off using your appliances in daylight hours for free. This may require a slight lifestyle change, in terms of setting your tumble dryer or washing machine to run through the day, but any inconvenience will be far outweighed by the electricity savings you will make.

What maintenance is required for my Solar Panels?

Your Home Solar Panels come with a 25 year Installer guarantee and will require very little maintenance. All your system needs is minimal shade and for you to occasionally inspect and clean it.


FIT Provider contact details

For any questions you may have about the Feed-in Tariff

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