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Insulate to meet new Energy Efficiency requirements for Home Solar Panels

20th December 2011

On 31st October, the Government launched a consultation to reduce the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) rate for Home Solar Panels and to implement minimum Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings for Solar Panel installations.

The new FIT rate pays 21p for each unit of electricity, or kWh, generated for Home Solar Panels up to 4kWp in size. It has been implemented to reduce the high FIT margins and to make the Solar PV industry more sustainable.

This proposed FIT cut represents a 50% reduction and was scheduled to take effect for all Solar PV installations from the 12th December, 11 days before the consultation end date of the 23rd December.

The proposal was received with widespread disapproval in the Solar Industry and became the focus of much coverage; however, the introduction of the new minimum EPC requirements passed almost without notice.

Now that the dust is beginning to settle on the new FIT rate, attention has turned to the potential EPC requirements and how they will affect future Home Solar Panel installations.

DECC, on their website, explain their vision for the future of Solar Panels:

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